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Dapper music software February 20, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in audio, debian, linux, make music, ubuntu.

Besides Seq24-0.7.0 which I had to build from source I’ve actually had pretty good luck with many Dapper 3 audio softwares! Here is a list of all the audio apps (minus dependancies) I have successfully gotten to install since I started this build several hours ago:

ams_1.8.7-5 Alsa Modular Synth
amsynth_1.1.0-2build1 another cool softsynth
ardour-doc_0.99-3 Ardour documents
ardour-gtk-i686_0.99 Ardour DAW. Blazing fast and bug free so far
ardour-session-exchange_0.99-3 collaborate with your friends!
audacity_1.2.4b-2 excellent sound editor
blop_0.2.8-3 LADSPA plugins
bristol_0.9.1-13 cool vintage synthesizer emulator
cmt_1.15-3 LADSPA plugins
darkice_0.16-1 live audio streaming engine
darksnow_0.6-0 simple GUI frontend to darkice
easytag_1.99.11-1 audio file tag editor
fluidsynth_1.0.6-4 soundfont player
freebirth_0.3.2-4 software bass synthesizer/step sequencer
freewheeling_0.5pre4-4 neat live audio loop recording and playback
freqtweak_0.6.1-1.2 fft filter set with gui
horgand_1.07-1 cool organ synth with auto accomp and more
hydrogen_0.9.2final-3 king of linux drum machines
jackbeat_0.5.4-1 drum machine-like audio sequencer for Jack
jackd_0.100.0-4 JACK audio driver
jackeq_0.4.0-2 interesting LADSPA capable eq and audio routing
jack-rack_1.4.4-3 Jack LADSPA filter bay
jamin_0.95.0-3 Jack compliant mastering suite
kluppe_0.5.1-1 audio looper designed for live performance
kstreamripper_0.3.4-2 rips audio streams to harddrive
mcp-plugins_0.3.0-3 LADSPA plugins
mhwaveedit_1.4.5b-1 jack compliant sound editor
mpg321_0.2.10.3 command line sound file player
muse_0.7.1+0.7.2pre5-1 MIDI/audio multitrack workstation
qjackctl_0.2.19a-1 JACK GUI interface
qsynth_0.2.4-1 QT frontend to the fluidsynth soundfont player
ripperx_2.6.7-2 CD ripper and encoder GUI frontend
rosegarden4_1.0-1.2 MIDI/audio sequencer, score editor, and editing environment
somaplayer_0.5.2-2.1build2 flexible soundfile player, jack compliant
sooperlooper_1.0.5-5 live looping sampler
soundstretch_1.3.0-2 change pitch or length without effecting the other
sox_12.17.9-1 general purpose sound player/converter/recorder
specimen_0.4.5-3.1 midi based wave sampler on a per-key basis
spiralsynthmodular_0.2.2a-2.1 very flexible modular synth
streamripper_1.61.17-1 records audio streams to harddrive
swh-plugins_0.4.14-1 LADSPA plugins
tagtool_0.12.2-1 another sound file tag editor
tap-plugins_0.7.0-2 LADSPA plugins
terminatorx_3.82-4 wave synth that simulates turntables
timemachine_0.3.0-3 small, very cool recording app for Jack
timidity_2.13.2-7 interesting MIDI synth
tk707_0.7.21-9 emulates Roland’s TR-707 Rhythm Composer
vkeybd_1%3a0.1.17-2 virtual MIDI keyboard with controllers
xmms_1.2.10+cvs20050809-4 excellent sound file player with lots of plugins
xmms-jackasyn_0.3-1 XMMS plugin that autodetects JACK and will play regardless
zynaddsubfx_2.2.1-2.1 excellent, very flexible synth

WHEW! Not bad for one afternoon, eh? 😉

Next up will be trying to build Freecycle beat slicer from scratch and then maybe tackling the DSSI packages for debian. Stay tuned!



1. Faraz - March 30, 2006

good and excellent

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